Knowing Class K wet chemical extinguishers for kitchen use

Knowing Class K wet chemical extinguishers for kitchen use

Class K wet chemical fire extinguishers

Class K Fire

Those produced by animal or vegetable oils and fats within the range of kitchens are defined as class K fires.
The growth of this activity, the kitchen equipment developed lately but the use of unsaturated vegetable oils, requires an extinguishing agent and its specific application not only for the extinction and its characteristics of clean agent but it must achieve the cooling effect.

Class K wet chemical fire extinguishers are suitable for restaurants, fryers, grills, irons, charcoal grills, volcanic rock, electric gas, etc.

Class K wet chemical extinguishers (based on Potassium Acetate) (K)

These extinguishers contain an aqueous solution based on potassium acetate, to be used in the extinction of fires of vegetable oils or animal fats, unsaturated, for which an extinguishing agent is required that produces a cooling agent and that reacts with the oil producing a saponification effect that isolates the oxygen surface of the air. The fine vaporized cloud that comes out of the extinguisher, prevents the oil from splashing or jumping on, attacking only the surface of the fire. Potassium acetate extinguishers for class K fires were created to extinguish vegetable oil fires in commercial kitchen fryers or grease fires in industrial stores or in restaurants or industrial kitchens. The solution comes out pulverized.

Extintores de Químico Húmedo Clase K

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